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Directory database user's guide

Basic record searching rules

The search result is a combination (conjunction) of two types of criteria:

  • the current setting of search fields on top of the home page, contained in a pull-down area nearby the Search key
  • the currently visible map area, provided:
    • the map is currenlty displayed on the screen, or
    • the map is invisible, but the checkbox map bounds is checked

If the records are displayed on the map rather than as textual list, no more than 100 results (icons) are presented at one time. The total number of available records is shown in the right-upper corner. One may display the missing icons either zooming-in or by narrowing the search criteria. If the system fails to find any records within the map bounds, according to the given criteria, it attempts to extend the bounds to cover the whole world. If succeeds, a map is fitted to show the results. On failure, an appropriate message is displayed.

The icons shown on the map reflect to some extent the basic area of activity of the corresponding entities. More details may be displayed by either hovering over the icon and/or clicking/touching the icon.

Main manu

Home ► Main – return to the home page and keep all the set search criteria.

Home ► Reset – return to the home page and reset all search criteria, but maintain other settings, like the selected language, login, etc.

Home ► Reset all – return to the home page and reset all settings; also cookie is deleted and user is logged-out.

Sign-In – log into the service; also Create new account and Forgot password functions.

Account – once user has signed-in.

Account ► Logout – log out.

Account ► Change password – request of a password change by the registered user.

Information on cookies

Our service uses the so called cookies to work properly. In most cases, the default setting of a browser is sufficient for undisturbed usage of the service. On the first visit to the web site - and according to the legal rules – the service inquiries the user to confirm his/her permission for storing the cookies on user's device. It is still possible to use the service without allowing the cookies, but may lead to disturbances in some cases. It is not possible, however, to create a user account and sign-in without permitting the cookies. There is only one type of cookie that our system currently utilizes, namely, a unique 64-bit session identifier. One may learn more about cookies by reading any of the available sources, e.g., Wikipedia on HTTP cookie